Take part in Swagtember during September and make a real difference
to people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

Simply register here, and ask your family, friends and workmates to donate.

Why Help?

On any given night, over 100,000 Australians are homeless each year. These people desperately need our help.

A waterproof Street Swag can save a homeless person’s life
when it’s cold or wet outside.

With current funding levels form the community, Street Swags have been able to manufacture an average of up to 5,000 swags per year. In peak times, such as winter and Christmas, Street Swags simply cannot keep up with demand. Your help could give a homeless person or a number of homeless people the basic shelter most of us take for granted.


If a camp-out or sleep-over is not on the cards, why not host a Swaggie party, barbecue, morning tea or any other type of Swaggie event you can think of. You can host these at work, home, or at a local bar or club. Swaggies can even dress up in camping gear, khaki’s or safari suits. The world is a Swaggie’s oyster! Read more